Introducing the official SteamTrade Matcher Userscript

SteamTrade Matcher now has its own Userscript!

Made by a community member, Tithen-Firion, it will allow you to automatically select all the cards from your matches in the trade offer window, making it a lot quicker to send your offers!

How does it work?

The script modifies the Steam trade offer window to allow a few new parameters which make it possible to automatically fill the offer with all the items that were matched. SteamTrade Matcher has been modified to send all the necessary parameters to the trade offer in order to interact with the Userscript.

With simple matches, like when you and the other user need the same number of cards (N for N matches), all of the cards will be added to the trade offer. In matches with multiple choices of items (N for N*X matches), SteamTrade Matcher will automatically add the best possible selection of items.

How do I install it?

First of all, you will need an Userscript manager for your browser, like Tampermonkey if you're using Chrome, or Greasemonkey if you're using Firefox. You won't be able to use the Userscript without a manager.

Then, just click on the button below, choose "Install" and you should be done! Now, you can go try to send a trade offer using STM.

WARNING: Some userscripts can be malicious, as they are able to execute Javascript in your browser. ALWAYS make sure that you download the STM Userscript from this page. If you don't, you'll have to assume the consequences if anything goes wrong.

Anything else I should know?

After installing the userscript, this page will allow you to configure it.

Any questions about the script? Don't hesitate to ask on the SteamTrade Matcher Steam group! Love this functionnality? Let us know!