Welcome to SteamTrade Matcher!

SteamTrade Matcher is a tool that will help you to easily trade your Steam duplicate cards, emoticons and profile backgrounds!
Collect cards
Use the scanner to find matches
Offer a trade using results
Craft your badges!


  • In order to reduce the amount of inactive accounts publicly listed on STM, users now need now need to be active on the website at least once every 2 weeks to stay in the public listing. This rule will be applied daily starting on March, the 7th 2016. Users are still able to opt in again after being removed. Please note that this does not apply to Trade Bots.
  • A new Notification system has been added to STM. It currently allows you to get notifications if your account gets removed from the public listing (for inactivity, reports or private inventory). More uses for it will come in a later update. It is possible to choose to receive a copy of these notifications by email in the Preferences page.
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